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Cure your Kitchen Envy with Colorado’s Best
Cabinet Showroom Since 1984


Cure your Kitchen Envy with Colorado’s Best Cabinet Showroom Since 1984

Create a Kitchen or Bath you Love

“The Best Around!”

I have been working with The Kitchen Showcase for over 12 years. The designer’s attention to detail, the customer service and warranty work is second to none. As a general contractor, The Kitchen Showcase has represented me with unfailing consistency to my clients and has been one of my largest assets in the world of kitchen remodeling. Everyone there, from the front desk to the President is a pleasure to work with and I am proud to say that I work with The Kitchen Showcase for all of my cabinetry needs.
Don Hanson – Full House Construction

Come Visit our Showroom

If you are in the Denver area we would love for you to come visit our showroom!
We showcase various designs and styles and can help you envision your space coming to life.


6528 S. Racine
Circle – Centennial,
Colorado 80111


How to Choose Cabinets for a Kitchen Remodel

There’s no denying that a kitchen remodel is a huge task. It takes a lot of money, time, and energy to complete. One of the largest factors that will take the most time to design and fit in your new kitchen is the cabinets.  When
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Custom vs. Semi Custom Kitchen Cabinets

How to Personalize Semi Custom Cabinets

Semi custom cabinets are manufactured to standard sizes and finishes. However, compared to pre-made cabinets, you have more freedom to decide on the finishing touches.  Personalizing Your Semi Custom Cabinets There are several modifications and alterations you can make to your kitchen cabinets. Even though
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